Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Bangkok Wheat & What the Hefe?! - Honolulu Beerworks 8/2/2017

At the behest of a valued member of my family on her birthday, we went to Honolulu Beerworks. I can't say that was a bad call: they have wonderful typical mainland food, a fun atmosphere, and great beers. I was excited having seen there were two new releases.  We had the pretzels, garden salad with chicken, and veggie mac & cheese special.  Everything was delicious! We also had a beer flight of six of their usual brews, the birthday girl loved most of them!  Honolulu Beerworks is O'ahu's original craft brewery. It's definitely worth checking out in Kaka'ako, nearby a burgeoning beer culture which includes Village Bottle Shop, Aloha Beer Company, and opening soon Waikiki Brewing Company.

Roasted peanut aroma, flavor like pad thai, sweet chili peanut, lingering burn on the throat.

Dank aroma, gold murky color, habanero chili flavor, burn that lingers, refreshing.

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