Monday, September 2, 2019

Hawaii Craft Beer Awards 2019


The first ever Hawaii Craft Beer Awards were held this weekend. It was a two-day celebration of 100% locally made craft beer. I was thankful to be invited. Steve Haumschild of Lanikai Brewing Company came up with the idea and hosted the event at Tap & Barrel in Kailua. The event benefited the Hawaiian Craft Brewers Guild, with ticket sales and scrip going to help the guild further promote local beer.

Friday an independent judging panel was invited to Tap & Barrel to sample and enjoy the beer. Certified Cicerones Tim Golden, Bill Carl, and Pablo Scurto were joined by BJCP Judges Shawn Crawford, Vince Gallo, Eddie Kowal, Bob Hillier, and I. Cindy Goldstein, the executive director of the guild, planned and organized the judging. We received over 100 beer entries from guild members all over the islands; it was a tough job! Categories included popular styles like IPAs,  Stouts/Porters, Sours, and others. Unique for this competition, we also judged the best collaboration beer, best beer using Hawaiian sourced ingredients, and best label art.  Two categories were voted on by the brewery-members themselves: best new brewery, and brewery of the year (the company that contributes most to the advocacy of local beer). After the hard work was done, we enjoyed Lanikai’s celebration of two years of Tap & Barrel, as well as the leftovers from the competition!

Saturday was the real party. That evening was the Awards Ceremony in their outdoor parking lot. For a first year, it was a great event with lots of happy beer enthusiasts. The last category was presented here: Peoples Choice. A dozen kegs were marked with style only, the entry ticket got everyone a 1oz pour to sample and choose the favorite. Full pours were also available. A DJ supplied the tunes and the guild had a swag table. The indoor bar was also very busy with a few food trucks along the street providing much-need grub. 
The real entertainment was the presentation of awards: MC’d by Cindy and Steve, they presented third through first of each category with the sponsored prizes they received. Each group got pictures taken with their awards. We took a rain break halfway through, which just added to the fun. Attendees seemed happy throughout, drinking beer while celebrating those who make it. Join us next year!


Brewery of the Year
Gold: Lanikai Brewing Co Prize Sysco $500 Credit
Silver: Kohola Brewery
Bronze: BeerLab HI
New Brewery of the Year
Olomana Brewing Company Prize White Labs 10 BBL Yeast Pitch

Best Design
Gold: Inu Island Ales - Coconut Hazy w/ Village Bottle Shop Prize Likos $50 Gift Certificate
Silver: Waikiki Brewing Co - Skinny Jeans
Bronze: Kohola Brewery - Lahaina Haze

Best Collaboration
Gold: Kohola Brewery Owyhee NEIPA Prize Village Bottle Shop $100 GC + Secret Prize
Silver: Lanikai Brewing Co Everybodys HI Sour Farmhouse Kveik
Bronze: Inu Island Ales - Haole Brownie Stout

Best Locally Sourced
Gold: Inu Island Ales - Island Punch w/ Mango & Guava Prize Off the Wall $50 & VIP Membership
Silver: Honolulu Beerworks - Pia Mahi'ai
Bronze: Lanikai Brewing - Jaboticaba Cuvee Hawaiian Wild Ale

Most Creative Beer
Gold: Waikiki Brewing Co - Jalapeno Mouth Prize Crosby Hops 11 lbs Estate Grown Amarillo
Silver: Olomana Brewing - Pele's Reign IRA
Bronze: Inu Island Ales - Island Punch w/ Pomegranate, Peach, & Coconut

Best Farmhouse/Belgian
Gold: Maui Brewing Co - La Perouse Prize 44# Wakatau Hops
Silver: Lanikai Brewing - Alai'a Quad
Bronze: Honolulu Beerworks - Pia Mahi'ai

Best IPA
Gold: Kohola Brewery - Lahaina Haze Prize YCH Hops $200 Credit
Silver: Inu Island Ales - Imperial Hazy
Bronze: BeerLab HI - Ko'olauloa Hazy

Best Lager/Pilsner
Gold: Big Island Brewhaus - Graham's Pilsner Prize Country Malt $400 Credit
Silver: Kohola Brewery - Lokahi Pilsner
Bronze: Maui Brewing - Pau Hana Pilsner

Best Non-Category
Gold: Honolulu Beerworks - Cocoweizen Prize Nico's Upstairs Breakfast for 6 & Fish Auction Tour
Silver: Kauai Island Brewing - Cane Fire Red Amber
Bronze: Waikiki Brewing - 4th Anniversary Barleywine

Best Porter/Stout
Gold: Maui Brewing - Imperial Coconut Porter Prize Square Barrels Secret Prize
Silver: Kohola Brewery - Molokai Stout
Bronze: Ola Brew - Ola Kiawe Porter

Best Sour
Gold: Lanikai Brewing - Pua Aloalo Hibiscus Sour Prize Grace in Growlers $50, Freaker, Shirt, Hat
Silver: Maui Brewing - Land of Rainbows
Bronze: Inu Island Ales - Island Punch w/ Peaches & Vanilla

Peoples Choice Award
Gold: Lanikai Brewing - 2 Shakes & a Howzit Prize ChemStation 44# Brewery Wash
Silver: BeerLab HI - Ko'olauloa
Bronze: Ola Brew - Lilikoi Lime Milkshake IPA

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