Thursday, June 7, 2018

BeerAdvocate: "How to Drink Your Way Around Honolulu"

I'm excited to announce that I wrote a city profile for BeerAdvocate Magazine, titled "How to Drink Your Way Around Honolulu!" Look for it in Spring 2018 issue #132, on newsstands and shipping to subscribers now! The hardest part was limiting the featured locations due to space or not fitting on the map area; it's a great time for local beer when there's too much to talk about! If you'd like to order a single copy for the island beer goodness, you can do so here: BeerAdvocate Shop.

Also, congratulations to Inu Island Ales for being named among the 50 Best New Breweries in the same issue! 

I'll post a link to the electronic version of the article when it's available.
Next weekend is the first Hawaii Beer Fest at the Bishop Museum, tickets are still available. We'll be there!


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